Surpassing Customer Expectations |

Our exceptional client management is critical to our success. We have witnessed that, above all else, our clients react positively to the following four forms of client service:



EHB has developed streamlined communication with clients, makes itself available around the clock, and works with a large financial institution to wire monies reliably and expediently.


In many instances, EHB is proactive and works with our clients to create modified payment terms to alleviate short-term liquidity concerns. In other instances, we apply other asset-based lending such as inventory financing and purchase order financing, in order to meet our client’s needs.


Whether it is during our client underwriting process or our ongoing client relationship, we pride ourselves in disclosing all information.


We want to provide a service that our clients can rely on to grow. As long as clients uphold their end of the agreement, EHB will honor its commitment to provide access to capital for as long as needed. We have designed our rates to be attractive to our clients, never to squeeze their margins and to offer a viable alternative to other financial institutions.