Investment Strategy and Philosophy |

EHB Capital has originated most of its clients from emerging Latin American countries, which is in line with our general investment strategy. EHB purchases invoices from promising small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets, yet collects primarily from large companies in developed countries. This allows us to benefit from the growth potential of emerging SMEs, while collecting from reliable buyers in developed countries. This investment strategy protects us from some of our biggest risks; including legal, currency, and political risks.

From the start one of our company’s main goals is to reinvent the perception of factoring. We want to separate factoring from the negative connotation of loan sharks and payday lenders. These firms are strictly interested in high returns even at the expense of quality client relationships. This is in stark contradiction to EHB’s lending philosophies. Our innovative brand of factoring is more interested in developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, which we believe is possible by developing a deep understanding of our clients’ product, operation, and needs, ultimately enabling us to provide them with sustainable funding. Additionally, our efficiency and transparency is what separates our factoring services from some of our larger financial competitors. Through these efforts we want to establish factoring as a great source of funding for firms at any stage of their development.